Social Media Management

All businesses should be considering social media as part of their overall marketing strategy. Social media is very important to develop and maintain lasting relationships with your audience. Is your social media helping you meet your business goals? A strong social media strategy is the best way to make sure you get results. Whether you’re looking for some advice or training or someone to completely take social media off your hands, Carlana Marketing can help. We can provide social media reviews and a social media strategy for your business. Alongside this we can run in house training for your teams. We also offer social media management services which means that you can leave it with us to handle on your behalf.

Social Media Strategy

Our social media strategy consultancy will involve detailed research and advice on which channels work best for you. It also includes customer service moderation and content planning. We’ll review your current design, content and customer service responses. Meaning, we can provide advice on content suggestions, recommended times to post and assistance with drafting responses to your customers; helping you to keep up your brand’s reputation.

Social Media Management

Setting up a new business is very hard work so sometimes things can slip. To compete with algorithms it’s very important to stay up to date on social media. Posting engaging content regularly will ensure you remain visible on your customer’s feeds. With Carlana Marketing’s social media management service, we will create, schedule and analyse your content on social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram. Our team will act as an extension of your brand to ensure that your business reaches new customers and work hard to maintain your reputation.

Keeping your social platforms up to date can be a chore! If you’re finding that it’s too much to handle, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how we can help relieve some of that stress.