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Digital Marketing

Carlana Marketing is a marketing agency founded by Carla Beard and Lana Foley, based in sunny Colchester, Essex. Specialising in Digital Marketing and Promotional Marketing, we get stuck in and help our clients out with the jobs that they really need help with or just simply don’t have the time for!

Social Media

Keeping your social platforms up to date can be a chore! If you’re finding that it’s too much to handle, then don’t hesitate to call and find out how we can help relieve some of that stress.


Having a plan ensures that things run smoothly but it’s not always as straight forward as that. Don’t have the time or the spare resource? No worries, we’ll get everything right on track for you in no time.


It’s so much cheaper to retain a customer than to gain a new one. Collecting customer data is a must! We will handle your customers with care whilst acting on behalf of your company, as a brand extension.


Figuring out how to make changes on your website can sometimes get a little tricky right? Don’t stress, we’ve got your back. Drop us a call, email or let’s go for a cuppa to chat about how we can help you!


Search engines are always updating their algorithms to ensure that websites stay up to date and relevant for the user. It’s a process that can take up a lot of valuable time, and time is money. Let us help!

Design & Develop

An online presence is crucial these days. Where do you look when you’re looking for a service? We know we usually go straight to the internet! Find out how we can help with web design and development.

Alongside the services we’ve mentioned above, we’re also experts in Project Management, Sales and Promotional Marketing!

We love what we do, and we want to help you with the areas of your business that you may be less confident with or simply don’t have time for, so for a free, no obligation quote get in touch using the contact form.

If you hate contact forms and would prefer to speak to someone directly then you can either speak to Carla or Lana on 01206 912024, we’re more than happy to meet and discuss your needs over a cuppa!

Get in touch!

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We are now based in Studio 108. 37 Queen Street, Colchester, CO1 2PQ.